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The Unicode ranges for writing Burmese are U+1000 to U+109F and U+AA60 to U+AA7B. Until 2005, most Burmese language websites used an image-based dynamically generated method to display Burmese characters, often in GIF or JPEG. At the end of 2005, the Burmese NLP Research Lab announced a Myanmar OpenType font named Myanmar1. This font contains not only Unicode code points and glyphs but also the OpenType Layout (OTL) logic and rules. Their research center is based in Myanmar ICT Park, Yangon. Padauk, which was produced by SIL International, is Unicode compliant. Initially, it required a Graphite engine, though now OpenType tables for Windows are in the current version of this font. Since the release of the Unicode 5.1 Standard on 4 April 2008, three Unicode 5.1 compliant fonts have been available under public license, including Myanmar3.

Many Burmese font makers have created Burmese fonts including Win Innwa, CE Font, Myazedi, Zawgyi, Ponnya, Mandalay. It is important to note that these Burmese fonts are not Unicode compliant, because they use unallocated code points and they are not yet supported by
Microsoft and other major software vendors.

However, there are few Burmese language websites that have switched to Unicode rendering, with many websites continuing to use a pseudo-Unicode font called Zawgyi (which uses codepoints allocated for minority languages and does not intelligently render diacritics, such as the size of ya-yit) or the GIF/JPG display method.

Go to to download Myanmar3. Remember to copy Myanmar3 to C:/Windows/Fonts

After installing Myanmar3, open a browser, select Tools from the menu bar and follow these steps:
Tools >
Internet Options > Fonts > under Webpage Font, select Myanmar 3 and click OK.